Hash House Harriers

The Hash House Harriers (abbreviated to HHH, H3, or referred to simply as hashing) is an international group of non-competitive running, social clubs. An event organized by a club is known as a hash or hash run, with participants calling themselves hashers or hares and hounds.

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Circular 01/2013

RUN 1848                        02-02-2013                           ON! ON ! — 6.00 P.M. 

Hares                                 Bangkok, Tack Ban & Luan Chu Lai

Runsite                              POKOK SENA

Drinking Water                 Susu

Soft Drinks                       Ikan Puyu

Ice & Jerrycan                   Young Man




RUN 1849                         16-02-2013                           ON! ON ! — 6.00 P.M. 

Hares                                Susu, Ikan Puyu & Young Man

Runsite                              MALAU

Drinking Water                 Sardine

Soft Drinks                       Siam Huat

Ice & Jerrycan                  Sua Tu Cheng


RUN 1850                         23-02-2013                           ON! ON ! — 6.00 P.M. 

Hares                               Sardine, Siam Huat & Sua Tu Cheng

Runsite                              POKOK SENA

Drinking Water                 Timun

Soft Drinks                       Loh Hai

Ice & Jerrycan                  Jilat Yong


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