Hash House Harriers

The Hash House Harriers (abbreviated to HHH, H3, or referred to simply as hashing) is an international group of non-competitive running, social clubs. An event organized by a club is known as a hash or hash run, with participants calling themselves hashers or hares and hounds.

Friday, August 08, 2008


Like most bables, Alor Setar 3H was born in the Hospital - not in the delivery room though, but in the canteen of Alor Setar Hospital.

It was delivered by Dr. Gavind assisted by Foo Leow Pin, both ex-hashmen of Kulim 3H.

Hashing was introduced to the hospital staff who took to it like fish to water.

Alor Setar Hash House Harriers was born in August 1977 with lots of enthusiasm but little understanding.

The inaugural run from Alor Setar Rest House, along the railway track, down to Jalan Stadium and Lebuhraya Darul Aman and back was attended by well over 40 hashers. It scened like a good sign.

However soon after, the number of members dwindled unable to sustain and losing strength and spirit - an obvious case of hangat-hangat tahi ayam. They found out that hashing wasnt jogging.

Was the club going from other professions joined the club and breathed life into it.

Alor Setar 3H is here to stay. Even with some new members, the club barely survived.

A lot of sacrificies were made and extra effort put in so that the club would live.

Hashing was in the doldrums. Membership stagnated at around 30 members.

Alor Setarians just couldnt accept the idea of hashing and labelled hash members with all kinds of insulting adjectives especially crazy, crude and disgusting.

It didnt and still doesnt bother the carefree members.

The spirit was high. We CARRIED ON unflustered !!!

ON! ON! sounded through the hills and jungles ..... rain .... shine ... lightning or thunder.

Today we are respected for what we are and for our charity to the poor and needy.

In the mid 80s, there was a sudden surge in our membership. The underlying reason is unclear, but it might be because people became more health conscious and could gradually accept the concept of hashing.

Why not ? It was and still a good way to release the stress of work, keep fit and at the same time wallow in the drums of beer and have fun. Whos crazy now ?

Today we are pround to say that we have reached a membership ceiling of 83 members.

written by sardine (2002)